It's Personal.

  • You collect the active pressure footprint of your patient, upload that data to the system with one click, review the Dynamic GaitForce Assessment with your patient, then just transmit the data to us.

It's Empowering.

  • Imagine a patient with a symmetry ratio of .82 before treatment and .99 after treatment.

  • With pre and post treatment pressure recording, you can prove the effectiveness of your treatment and make modifications to your treatment based on the results.

  • Dynamic assessments show you what is really happening with a patient – see your patients in a new way – in motion – and allow that to guide your treatment.


It's Precise.

  • You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

  • This technology measures active foot pressures within 1 pound per square inch and can manufacture a pressure redistributing orthotic or lift within 1 millimeter of precision.