30-day Free Trial

Pay only for the orthotics manufactured and, after 30 days, if you don’t want to keep the system, we’ll pick it up at no cost.


What’s the Investment?

The investment includes a one-time setup, training, and installation fee together with a recurring monthly licensing fee to use the technology and give you access to ongoing support from a professional marketing agency. There are no long-term contracts. Each pair of insoles you order is charged on a pay-per-click basis with set pricing targeting a 50 percent profit margin for you. With set pricing, however, you decide your margins on each insole sold and you are in control of your extra profit.


Equipment & Setup Fee – $2900
Monthly Marketing Fee – $50/month

  • Start-up, point of sale marketing collateral
  • One-to-one technical support
  • 5 sensors with wireless connection to the data collection module
  • ActivePrints software running on a laptop (laptop included)
  • Shaping tool to customize the insole
  • Access to marketing materials to promote your practice
  • Access to a marketing agency to drive your patient visits
  • Access to existing technology and technology upgrades
  • Access to technical support

Orthotic Cost – $75/pair

  • You perform the GaitForce Analysis, so they are customized to your patient’s pressures
  • Decide your own profit margins – cash or insurance reimbursement models
  • Unlimited GaitForce Pressure Reports (using the active pressure sensors)


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