If you are a leader that sets the bar for patient satisfaction and enjoys being the first to offer a new product or service, ActivePrints has a breakthrough for you.

Case study after case study, testimonial after testimonial, you believe in the power of chiropractic. But that isn’t enough. Your patients want proof. ActivePrints is a breakthrough in dynamic assessments of a patient’s full gait cycle and the dynamic assessment of your treatments.


  • We believe you should be treating and helping more people.
  • We believe that your treatments are a powerful and natural way to achieve health.
  • We believe today’s consumers are open to leaving behind a broken traditional healthcare model.
  • We believe that with the scientific proof the ActivePrints’ system provides, your patient satisfaction, loyalty and referrals will increase… along with your credibility. 
  • We believe your industry can increase market share and become more widely utilized.


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