Your patients want proof. ActivePrints is a breakthrough in dynamic assessments of a patient’s full gait cycle and the dynamic assessment of your treatments.

It's Personal

(to your patient)


ActivePrints is the only system that measures foot pressures and symmetry in the shoe while walking – a 30 second active gait cycle measured in pressure (PSI) versus static visual mapping or a single strike. The Dynamic GaitForce™ Assessment provides a dynamic diagnosis tool for Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD), treatment effectiveness, symmetry imbalance, arch health, and high peak pressure areas of the foot.

It’s Empowering

(for your credibility)


ActivePrints is the only system that can demonstrate to your patients the effectiveness of your treatment. With pre and post treatment pressure recordings, you can prove the effectiveness of your treatment and make modifications to your treatment based on the results. The Dynamic GaitForce Assessment shows lower foot pressures and improved symmetry after proper manual and assisted lower extremity and spinal treatments.

It’s Precise

(and profitable)


ActivePrints insoles are a peak pressure redistributing insoles based on active foot pressures within one pound per square inch (1 PSI) and within one millimeter of precision. You pay a one-time fee for the technology, a modest monthly fee and $75 per pair – you control the selling price.


ActivePrints provides instant comfort and performance for all of your patients by redistributing peak pressures. There is no break-in, only instant pain relief. Your patients will love the minimalist insoles and the personalized technology.

More Revenue

At $75 per pair (your cost), you can create more revenue for your clinic and you.

Greater Patient Satisfaction

And, using our Dynamic GaitForce Assessment and Active Symmetry Analysis, you can show your patients the effectiveness of your treatments with pre and post treatment readings – driving greater patient satisfaction.

Prove the Efficacy of Your Treatments

This science can show the effectiveness of your treatments, drive greater patient satisfaction, and help you better understand the progress of your treatments.

Measures Active Pressures

This is not shape based or static pressures, it is the active pressures inside a shoe while a patient walks, runs, swings a club, shoots a ball – any activity, any shoe.


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